Monthly Archives: October 2016

LAN Party Legacy – Episode 8: Halloween Special

Drakaunus, Wheelord, The Pseudonym, and Meobius play Dead By Daylight and retry the battle of Helms Deep in L4D2

Sense and Sentimentalism Episode 4: Outlast Part 2

Wheelord and Petpluto continue their attempts to Outlast the competition.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15: Episode 3

Meobius, Wheelord, and Petpluto get ready to take on the 7 Day Hoard!

LAN Party Legacy – Episode 7: Spooky Stream

Wheelord, Meobius, and Drakaunus continue October Spooky Streams in an all new format! Now Dwellers, the power is in your hands with a multi cam stream where you decide what you see. We tackle Contagion and a mod for Left For Dead 2 where we survive the battle of Helms Deep!

The Real Basement Dwellers 05: It’s Pronounced ‘Spooky’

Join The Pseudonym and Drakaunus with special guest hosts Wheelord and Meobius for a awesomely spooktacular special Halloween episode. In geek news they talk the new Nintendo Switch, Red Dead Redemption 2, the new Wolverine Movie, and Star Wars Rogue One with lots of other fun bits inbetween. Finally they get to the meat of the show with a good old fashion Round Table Discussion about all things Survival Horror and their experiences with it over the year. So grab a fresh glass of blood, take your gummi vitamins, and join us for this Spooky episode of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast.

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The Hill We Die On – Episode 8

In this episode we move into the 21 day hoard. As Wheelord and Meobius move quite unprepared to meet the endless swarms, how will they fare?

The Hill We Die On – Episode 7

Having survived the hoard, Wheelord and Meobius are finally reunited after a week apart. How will they fare?

The Hill We Die On – Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Hill We Die On “7 Days to Die” Edition. We have survived the day 14 hoard and are moving into Week 3. What adventures will we have in order to finally be reunited? Tune in to find out!

The Hill We Die On – Episode 5

This week Wheelord and Meobius make a mad dash to scour their territory and shore up their defences for the impending Day 14 Hoard. Will it be enough?

LAN Party Legacy – Episode 6: Obscure Part 3

The Pseudonym, Wheelord, and Petpluto continue October Spooky Streams by tackling Survival Horror Co-Op “Classic” ObsCure. Watch as they navigate the true horrors, Bad Character Control and Fixed Camera Angles.