Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 9?

Meobius, Wheelord, and new Dweller Ponce attempt to overcome graphical issues

Sense and Sentimentalism – Contradiction Episode 1

Petpluto and Wheelord delve into yet another mystery, this time advising Detective Jenks instead of putting ourselves in harms way.

Sense and Sentimentalism Episode 7 – Outlast Whistleblower Finale

Wheelord and Petpluto hope to FINALLY escape the Asylum and put this case to rest once and for all.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 Episode 6: 14 Day Horde

Its the night you’ve all been waiting for. The Day 14 Hoard is on its way, and we are woefully unprepared!. Tune in to join Wheelord, Meobius, Petpluto, and HellenYeller as they scramble to fortify their base before nightfall. And then after, explore the first town on the map.

Sense and Sentimentalism Episode 6: Outlast – Whistleblower

Wheelord and Petpluto try to unravel the mystery that was Outlast by starting the story from its beginning, and maybe to its end.

LAN Party Legacy – Episode 9: Dwellers vs The Internet

Wheelord Drakaunus and Meobius continue with their efforts to defend the castle in “Left 4 Dead 2 – Helms Deep”. And then work together to survive against the internet in “Dead by Daylight”

Sense and Sentimentalism Episode 5: Outlast Part 3

Petpluto and Wheelord attempt to finally escape this stupid place once and for all.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15: Episode 4

Wheelord Petpluto and Meobius greet two new players to the stream as they begin week 2 and expand their territory.