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The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 10: Moving Day

Wheelord, Petpluto, Ponce, Hellen Yeller, and Meobius have found the ultimate base. But first it needs cleaning up, and all our stuff.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Christmas Bonus

As a present to you our viewers, the 7 Day hoard is coming early!

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 10?

Wheelord, Petpluto, Ponce, Meobius, and Hellen Yeller take some time to explore the world around them, and maybe finally clear out a city or two.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Day 21 Horde

Wheelord, Meobius, and Hellen Yeller buckle down for the first Hoard in their new home? Have they prepared enough? Probably not. Its looking bad. After that though, we ride off to the Hub City to see what plunder we can manage to pull from its stores before the sun sets.

The Hill We Die On – Christmas Extravaganza and Light Show

Wheelord, Meobius, Ponce, Dr Terrorizer, and Hellen Yeller put on an amazing light show for the holidays, get rid of that pesky billboard, and deal with the 7 Day Hoard in their new underground bunker. This promises to be an action packed holiday special.

The Real Basement Dwellers 06: One Man’s Lie for Glory!

Join The Pseudonym, Drakaunus, and special guest host Blaster Master from the 8 Bit Legends for another exciting pulse pounding episode. Cling to the edge of your seat as they discuss and argue about the new hard to find item from Nintendo, how some developers produce broken incomplete garbage and call it a game only trying to desperately fix their mistakes, and preview of the new mind bending trailer for the latest Kojima game Death Stranding that you gotta see to believe, and still not understand anything you just watched, maybe even question your life as a whole. Finally they dive into their Review of Bilzzard’s new team shooter game Overwatch. So grab a glass of Absinthe, kick up your heels and come and drop the beat with the latest episode of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast!

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Sense and Sentimentalism Episode 8 – Krampus Christmas

Petpluto and Wheelord get in the holiday spirit the only way the show seems to know how…by playing more Horror. This week…Krampus.