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The Real Basement Dwellers 07: Absence Makes the Pandemic Stronger

Join The Pseudonym and Drakaunus as they add their voices back onto the internet after a long absence. They salivate at the thought of what that new footage of Star Wars Episode 8 might look like that was shown behind closed doors, but not shared on the interwebs, then they talk about the new Nintendo Switch and go off on a Nintendo Tangent, as has become tradition with them, and talk about the newest Telltale Games title on the horizon. Finally they get down to talking about Pandemic Legacy and the potential for the Legacy line of board games of the future. So pull up a chair, adjust your earbuds, and drink our kool-aid while we indoctrinate you into our ranks with the latest episode of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast.

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Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 10: What We Do in the Shadow-Brokers

Petpluto and Wheelord help our Miss Shepherd clear out her calendar. Character side quests and Cerberus missions abound.

Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 9: So Long Space Cowboy

Wheelord and Petpluto decide to tie up all of our Miss Shepherds loose ends. Character side quests and DLC abound in this episode, as well as some FanFic.

“Space Cowboy” by lynndyre

“Infectious” by commander_hot_pants

Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 8: Christmas at Ground Zero

Petpluto and Wheelord continue their assault on Novaria, with our Miss Phryne making some tough calls.

Fanfic: “Priority Valentine” by Orifiel

The Hill We Die On – Episode 24: Savage

Wheelord, Hellen Yeller, Ponce, Meobius and Petpluto are BACK. We’ve taken this time away from 7 days to die to learn some new ways to die, and maybe take some people with us.

Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 7: Hoth Cold

Wheelord and Petpluto take out Miss Shepard out into to cold to search for a mysterious lab, and end up in an 80’s horror movie scenario.

Fanfic: “Priority Valentine” by Orifiel