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Sense and Sentimentalism Persona 4 – Part 3

Petpluto and Wheelord help Dick get superpowers. And what do we do with them? We start a Cult of course!

Sense and Sentimentalism Persona 4 – Part 2

Petpluto and Wheelord take Dick O’Myface to school and immediately get involved in a murder, a mystery, and an alternate world. So like, normal new town stuff.

Sense and Sentimentalism Persona 4 – Part 1

Petpluto and Wheelord are BACK! Its Petpluto’s first foray into the realm of JRPG’s so we start her off with a little bit of everything.

The Real Basement Dwellers 14 – Drawing a Blank

Join The Pseudonym, Drakaunus, Wheelord, Petpluto as Geek News goes off into a ridiculously awesome tangent about the latest movies on the horizon. If that’s not your cup of tea join them for not one, but two reviews! They take a look at Blank and Untold Adventures Await from The Creativity Hub! So pour yourself your alcohol of choice, keep your spoilers to yourself, and join us for a super new episode of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast!

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Important Links
The Creativity Hub
Untold Adventures Await

Intro 1:04
Geek News 6:02
Our Review 27.27
Blank 28:47
Untold 45:40
Outro 1:23:24
Credits 1:28:34