Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 4: Take THAT Glass Ceiling

Petpluto and Wheelord take our Miss Phryne around the Citadel to do what she does best, avoid a stalker, and get that Promotion we’ve been looking for.

Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 3: Elcor? I Barely Know’er

Wheelord and Petpluto have made it to the Citadel. And off the boat people seem to need the services of our Miss Phryne. Will we have time to help everyone AND save the world? Of course we will, this isn’t Mass Effect 2 or 3!

Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 2: Raisin the Stakes

Petpluto and Wheelord continue their escape from Eden Prime in the ongoing adventures of Phryne Shepherd. Sadly this episode is mostly action, little Phryne but we do our best. And im sure once we make it to the Citadel there will be more Phryne than we can handle.

Sense and Sentimentalism Mass Effect – Episode 1: Miss Shepard’s Space Mysteries

Wheelord and Petpluto dive in to save the galaxy in a way that only a Lady Detective can. Wheelord drives but Petpluto makes all the decisions in her first ever playthrough. Which begs the constant question…What Would Phryne Fisher Do?

The Hill We Die On – Episode 23: Let me count the ways (We Can Die)

Wheelord and Meobius take a break from 7 Days to Die to see what else is out in this world that can kill us. Ponce and Hellen Yeller join us as We start with Left 4 Dead 2: Helms Deep Mod, Dead by Daylight, and Brawlhalla.

Sense and Sentimentalism Valentine’s Day Special: To the Moon Episode 1

Petpluto takes the helm as she and Wheelord dive into the saddest love story 16 bits has to offer.

The Hill We Die On – Episode 22: In the Lair of the Ripers

The Ripers ride again! We have basically reached endgame when it comes to struggle. Now that we all have some free time, how will we spend it?

The Hill We Die On – Episode 21

Wheelord, Meobius, Petpluto, and Ponce are bored. Time for an impromptu game.

The Hill We Die On – Episode 20: Hoard Night

Here it comes again! Hoard night is mere hours away. Wheelord, Meobius, Hellen Yeller, Petpluto, and Ponce gear up to see if all the new upgrades on the fort will be enough, or if they should have built a fallback shelter.

The Hill We Die On – Episode 19

Wheelord, Petpluto, Meobius, Hellen Yeller and Ponce move towards the day 56 Hoard. After unveiling several new towns, will they finally find something useful? Will the fort be ready for a new hoard in time?