The Real Basement Dwellers 10 – Dead Serious

The Pseudonym and Drakaunus, joined by Wheelord, celebrate Halloween the right way with a spooktastic episode. They talk about the loss of an icon, the loss of a thing you thought was already dead but only just died for real and several other geeky tidbits in Geek News, then they resurrect a good old fashion Kickstarter Korner, where they talk about all you need to know about Gamer Nation Con 5: Order of the Gamers, The Best Little Gaming Con in Texas! Finally they dive into the nitty gritty with an in depth look at Plaid Hat Games’ Dead of Winter. So scavenge yourself a chair, send Sparky out for a cold one, and join us for a scary good Halloween episode of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast!

Kickstarter Korner
Gamer Nation Con 5: Order of the Gamers
Orcish Beefcake Calendar

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