The Real Basement Dwellers 025 – Infinite Maths

Join The Pseudonym and Drakaunus while they indulge themselves on a hefty action packed, and thrilling adventure of nerdy goodness across the interwebs. They talk the closing of LucasArts, Sexy XBOX 360, the future of Kings Quest and the record breaking Torment. Then a special guest travels across time and space to join them on Kickstarter Korner where creator Michael Fox of Sprocket Games talks shop about Fox and Chicken a fun cutesy twist on the classic party favorite Werewolf. Then buckle up for an Infernal Rook of Shattered possibilities that is the epic three expansions for an old dweller favorite Sentinels of the Multiverse. So charge up your Police Boxes, crack open a can of Kickstart Mountain Dew and prepare yourselves for the friend fun factor of infinite possibilities in episode 25 of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast