The Real Basement Dwellers 030 – Dungeons of Dice

Join The Pseudonym and Drakaunus as they talk about the retiring of a legend, James Spader in Avengers, The Nintendo 2DS and more in Geek News. Then take a jug handle back to Kickstarter Korner where they splurge all the SWAG details of a new Megaman Project that is not in anyway Megaman except that it is, and the new MMO in development that just funded called Divergence Online. Finally get ready to roll some bones as you battle to the deepest depths of a dungeon on a high risk quest for loot and experience points in Dungeon Roll from Tasty Minstrel Games, a Kickstarter Korner of the past that has recently been released albeit selectively. So grab some beer and pretzels as you wait for that guy who is always late to every D&D, you know who you are, and kill some time by listening to Episode 30 of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast!