The Real Basement Dwellers 032 – Pride and Pixelation

Join The Pseudonym and Drakaunus as they step out of the shadow of obscurity and back into the spotlight of Awesome Sauce while they talk Disney’s Upcoming Star Wars Auditions and plans to make Netflix exclusive Marvel TV Shows. Then come on down to Kickstarter Korner where they talk briefly about the MMO we have all been waiting for, Jane Austin? They get down and dirty with the second coming of Keep Running! The newest/oldest game from Sprocket Games made by Real Basement Dweller All-Star Michael Fox. That’s not all, they then delve into a game that encompasses cards, boards, and Side Scrolling Platformer all in one pixelated package in their review of Island Official’s Pixel Lincoln! So grab your Stove-Top Hats, avoid the scorn of gossip, and join us for episode 32 of The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast!