The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 15

Wheelord, Petpluto, Meobius, Hellen Yeller, and Ponce recover from the devistating Day 35 Hoard and attempt to regroup. Will we ever find a Gas Schematic?

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – New Year Horde

Another special episode to ring in the new year.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 10: Moving Day

Wheelord, Petpluto, Ponce, Hellen Yeller, and Meobius have found the ultimate base. But first it needs cleaning up, and all our stuff.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Christmas Bonus

As a present to you our viewers, the 7 Day hoard is coming early!

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 10?

Wheelord, Petpluto, Ponce, Meobius, and Hellen Yeller take some time to explore the world around them, and maybe finally clear out a city or two.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Day 21 Horde

Wheelord, Meobius, and Hellen Yeller buckle down for the first Hoard in their new home? Have they prepared enough? Probably not. Its looking bad. After that though, we ride off to the Hub City to see what plunder we can manage to pull from its stores before the sun sets.

The Hill We Die On – Christmas Extravaganza and Light Show

Wheelord, Meobius, Ponce, Dr Terrorizer, and Hellen Yeller put on an amazing light show for the holidays, get rid of that pesky billboard, and deal with the 7 Day Hoard in their new underground bunker. This promises to be an action packed holiday special.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 – Episode 9?

Meobius, Wheelord, and new Dweller Ponce attempt to overcome graphical issues

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15 Episode 6: 14 Day Horde

Its the night you’ve all been waiting for. The Day 14 Hoard is on its way, and we are woefully unprepared!. Tune in to join Wheelord, Meobius, Petpluto, and HellenYeller as they scramble to fortify their base before nightfall. And then after, explore the first town on the map.

The Hill We Die On Alpha 15: Episode 4

Wheelord Petpluto and Meobius greet two new players to the stream as they begin week 2 and expand their territory.